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Sunday Morning in El Canelo

Taken at probably the most beautiful beach in Chile. The sea is calm most days and you get a majectic view just standing at the beach. To get to it however, you’d have to cross a tall forest of eucalyptus. I would show you more but uh, these are all the pictures I have. 


Sunday Morning in some office building

Picture taken during the CNY period in downtown Singapore. Not sure who’s in the rabbit get-up, but I’d trust the other guy more when it comes to fashion sensibilities. Thanks for the pic, Zoe.

Sunday Morning in Sydney

Largest city in Australia and an international destination for commerce, arts, fashion, entertainment, music and great clothing. Thanks Ervie for the pics. Hope you had a great time with Christel and gang. 

Sunday Morning in Pangkor

An island off the coast of Perak in Peninsular Malaysia. Reachable by ferry or trained dolphins. Population: Approx 25,000 – some of whom with exceptionally good taste in clothing.

Sunday Morning in Shanghai

In the background, you can just make out the world’s third tallest tv and radio tower. Picture taken in Pudong, Shanghai and featuring … um, a person with great taste in clothing. Thanks Boon for the pics. Better view of the Pearl Tower below.

Dinosaur sweater

Dinosaur sweater by Mouthman

Great idea from Mouthman. Wish I was 6 again. Hmm, actually they do sell adult hoodies …

Genesis Chapter 39

Potiphar’s wife: Sleep with me.

Joseph: NO!

Potiphar’s wife: Imprison this foreigner.

Moral of the story: ___________________________

Originally tweeted by John Piper. Maybe it’s just me but I find it wickedly funny.