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Nuke this

Not sure about the choice of typeface but I’m liking the copy!


Dinosaur sweater

Dinosaur sweater by Mouthman

Great idea from Mouthman. Wish I was 6 again. Hmm, actually they do sell adult hoodies …

Now’s the time

I think a lot of the problems we’ve been experiencing come from the fact that no one embraces the miracle and amazement of the present. So many people—steampunks, fundamentalists, hippies, neocons, anti-immigration advocates—feel like there was a better time to live in. They think the present is degraded, faded, and drab. That our world has lost some sort of “spark” or “basic value system” that, if you so much as skim history, you’ll find was never there. Even during the time of the Greeks, there were masses of people lamenting the passing of some sort of “golden age.” But I’d never go back and live in any other time than teetering on tomorrow; this is the greatest time to be alive.

Comedian Patton Oswalt in this month’s GQ

From the office of Josh Boston

Interesting stuff from San Diego based designer Josh Boston. Website here. Flickr account here.

This is not an American Apparel ad

Sachse is a Trent University student. She’s four-foot-nine, her spine is curved and her right leg is shorter than her left. She has limited mobility in her hands, particularly her right, which a friend recently referred to as her “dice-rolling hand.” The 25-year old has a rare genetic disorder called Freeman-Sheldon syndrome.

But that’s not going to stop her from posing for series of American Able photographs. The shots were taken by her friend and Canadian photographer Holly Norris. She says of the photos: “I feel like my own sexual confidence is projected through. … I feel like I look confident in what I’m doing.” I’m not sure how to react but check out the rest of the pics here. The following caption comes from the same website:

‘American Able’ intends to, through spoof, reveal the ways in which women with disabilities are invisibilized in advertising and mass media.  I chose American Apparel not just for their notable style, but also for their claims that many of their models are just ‘every day’ women who are employees, friends and fans of the company.  However, these women fit particular body types.  Their campaigns are highly sexualized and feature women who are generally thin, and who appear to be able-bodied. Women with disabilities go unrepresented, not only in American Apparel advertising, but also in most of popular culture.  Rarely, if ever, are women with disabilities portrayed in anything other than an asexual manner, for ‘disabled’ bodies are largely perceived as ‘undesirable.’  In a society where sexuality is created and performed over and over within popular culture, the invisibility of women with disabilities in many ways denies them the right to sexuality, particularly within a public context.

Interesting POV. If only more companies had the chutzpah.

Interactive tees from Nippon

Boyfriend arm pillow from ActiveForever. $32.95

Thanks to the good people of Japan, the world has seen the likes of karaoke, Hello Kitty, sumo wrestling, hardo gay, killer ninjas, kawaii turd dolls and vending machines flogging everything from real pearls to steaming hot ramen; to name a few. Then there are these interactive tees from shikisai.   

The designers take everyday scenarios and incorporate them into tees. Hence you have water coming out of the faucet, the loose shoe lace you tie and untie, sling bags, window blinds and more. Too cool. Too bad it’s not yet sold here in KL.

Shoulder bag tee.

The strap can either be slung over your shoulder or hung around the waist.

Bath plug tee.

With aluminium chain attached.

Faucet tee.

Satin ribbons sewn on to suggest water.

Vacuum cleaner tee. Yes, the hitch is on purpose.

Check out other designs here.

No more stains

An idea by Rob Libfeld, a medical student from the U.S. Tired of patients being embarrassed by their urine-stained, tire-marked underwear, he decided to take matters into his own hands. No-wash boxers was put together, using insulation that apparently conceals any odors that may be emanating from down below. I smell a winner here.