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Sunday Morning in Piha Beach

45 mins from Auckland lies one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand. Volcanic black sand, the ancient Lion Rock (you may have seen it on postage stamps) and a majestic view of the blue yonder make it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. About 600 two-legged mammals live in the vicinity, along with a good number of the 4-legged kind. Here we see one of the latter species with his preferred choice of attire.

Model: Merlin
Model’s agent: Dave
Photographer: Joshua

Thanks guys!


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Not sure about the choice of typeface but I’m liking the copy!

Sunday Morning in New Hampshire

Sent in by Christine. Picture taken in her backyard where there are plenty of pheasants to be hunted and fish to be caught.

Sunday Morning in Kentucky

Taken at the Kentucky Derby 2011, an annual event held in Louiseville, Kentucky on the first Saturday of May. Spectators come from all over to watch 3-year old thoroughbreds compete for a blanket of roses. While sipping on an icy cold mint julep naturally. Must be fun to watch. Thanks Pebbles for sending in the pics.

Sunday Morning in Valparaiso

Chilean-born Christian (his name, not quite his religion yet) takes a walk in scenic Valparaiso one fine afternoon. Psychologist by day, party animal by night, he poses for couple of pictures with his favourite Sunday Morning tee.

The building in the background belongs to the Chilean navy. Permission to pose aboard one of their warships is currently pending approval.

In front of the old fish market. It's pretty much an abandoned building now.

I have no idea what he is doing here.

Christian with his friend Cristian.

Sunday Morning in Buenos Aires

Taken during the 2011 Easter weekend on the corner of Bolivar and Avenida de Mayo. Eva is standing in front of the Cabildo, formerly a government house, a musuem today. The Argenitian native was showing her friend from Spain around and happened to wearing some eye-catching threads, even if we do say so ourselves.

Sunday Morning in Santiago

When Augusto laid his eyes on a Sunday Morning t-shirt, he immediately knew he had to have one. Not to wear (although he readily agreed to pose for us)  but to display in his souvenir cabinet. We didn’t mind and gave him one with our compliments. So the next you’re at Santiago’s famous fish market in Mercado Central, drop by Augusto’s for some good food and check out what’s new in his worldly collection.