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Dinosaur sweater

Dinosaur sweater by Mouthman

Great idea from Mouthman. Wish I was 6 again. Hmm, actually they do sell adult hoodies …


Genesis Chapter 39

Potiphar’s wife: Sleep with me.

Joseph: NO!

Potiphar’s wife: Imprison this foreigner.

Moral of the story: ___________________________

Originally tweeted by John Piper. Maybe it’s just me but I find it wickedly funny.

If there is a drug for procrastication, will people get around to buying it?

If there is a drug for ADD, will people sit still long enough to read the instructions?

If there is a drug for stupidity, will people know what they’re supposed to do with it?

If there is drug for people who like Justin Bieber, will they never say never?

On a related note, there is a drug for people who like longer eyelashes, although it could make eating soup difficult.

Apologies for the non-appearance but have really busy with my day job. Alright, back to work. Now where did I put that checklist …