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Sunday Morning in Tsim Tsa Tsui

Is it me or do we seem to only sell a certain design? Thanks Christina for the pictures.


Sunday Morning in the Surgery Room

When Josh saw our ‘Organs’ t-shirt, he decided there and then that what we needed was a picture taken in the surgery room. Good idea, methinks. So we called up a few hospitals and found out that no foreign items can be brought into the operating theater and only doctors have access to sort of places. Since bribery was not very Christian-like, we had to think of the next best solution. In the end, it was Josh who thought of it: Get a doctor to take a picture of another doctor. And here we are.

Sunday Morning in South Africa

Ok, so from the following pictures, we can safely deduce that only one guy has good taste in clothing. The others have slightly questionable choices but we’ll let that pass. Photo taken in a nice suburb in South Africa. Not sure who the models are but thanks for taking the trouble guys.