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Pants for parents

Only 5% complete so far, according to its creators. The idea is to make pants that parents can wear and kids can use. There’s a pocket for the child to put things in, and maybe a tugging handle. I know my 3-year old will appreciate it.


Sunday Morning in Petaling Jaya

Continuing from our highly popular Sightings at Eating Places series, I came across this gem while waiting for my order at Choong Kee Kampar Claypot Chicken Rice in Damansara Jaya. When I commended her taste in t-shirts, she replied (in Cantonese) that it’s “Some Jesus thing.” Hmmm …

Living the dream

Was at the coffee shop the other day when I saw the Indonesian helper wearing what I thought was an … um, interesting t-shirt. 


Beautiful Malaysia

Photo by Siew Lian. Taken 6ish pm yesterday

Amidst all the current tension, it’s good to remember Who’s really in charge. In Christ, we place our hope. While Optimism sort of denies reality and says, “It’s not so bad,” Hope admits, “Yes, it’s bad. Really bad. But I still believe and trust in You.”

Seeing red

Rachel hides her father's idols by Giovan Battista Tiepolo 1696 – 1770

The story so far: To compensate for a lack of dowry, Rachel takes her father’s statues of familiars (terafim) when she sets out for Canaan with her husband Jacob. Her father, Laban, catches up with them and demands his possessions back. Jacob does not know what Rachel has done. Rachel is shown sitting in the saddle with the statues, claiming she cannot get up since she is menstruating. Full story found in Genesis 31: 34. 35.

Meanwhile, beneath the saddle:

Idol 1: Have you forgotten your vitamins again? You have runny nose.

Idol 2: I don’t have runny nose.

Idol 1: There’s red goo coming out of nose … actually, it looks like blood.

Idol 2: I was about to say the same thing about that gel on your head.

Sunday Morning in Hakone

Hakone is known for its hot springs, Mount Fuji (seen in the background) and the occasional Sunday Morning tee wearer. Model: Prefers to remain anonymous.

Sunday Morning in Hollywood

Stormtrooper TK-421 with a souvenir from Planet Earth. Photograph taken at Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, California.