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Earth day gift idea

Seen at Toys R Us

Seen at Toys R Us

Just what every kid needs: a toy chainsaw so he can pretend to be a lumberjack (popular occupation among Singapore’s working class), surgeon or serial killer. Toy tree sold separately.


Camp tees

Fix your eyes

Design done for our home church in KL. Illustrated by the multi award-winning Andy Yang. We did about 4 base colours and I think the most popular was light blue. Might put it under the Sunday Morning label one day – am pretty sure I have the master CD lying around here somewhere ….

Light blue



On hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best choice of t-shirt to wear on the flight.

Week 3 in Sydney


So we’re off to Australia for my 3rd sabbatical week. Will be staying with Laine’s brothers (and potential Sunday Morning customers) during our trip. Will also be meeting a whole host of nephews and nieces, and expect the place to be rather noisy. Hmm, must remember to pack my earplugs!

Production of the tees is … ongoing. Can’t really think of a better word. Had the impression that it would be all ready by now and was planning to open a temporary stall on a street corner in Sydney. This whole project is showing me new dimensions to the word ‘patience’.

Anyhow, it should be a fun trip. See you Sydneysiders all soon!

The seduction of ambition

Ambition is a double-edged sword. When it is God-directed and Spirit-managed, it can bear tremendous fruit. When it is restrained by humility, ambition can be a powerful motivator. But when it is hijacked by self and ego, it can leave a wake of destruction in its path.

I have wrestled with this issue for most of my life. If you have leadership gifts, you know what it is to be captivated by vision. You know what it is to have dreams of what “could be.” You know what it is to want to do something significant with your life. Here is where it gets sticky.

Is that drive and desire and motivation about me or about God and his purposes? If we are honest, we have to admit that our hearts are entangled with God-motives and self-motives. Sorting them out is complex. A discussion of motives and ambition takes us to a place in our soul that is hidden from everyone. Part of what makes ambition so dangerous is that it resides in the unseen world of the soul.

There is a creative tension that God wired into every one of us. On the one hand, we have what the ancients used to refer to as a “fire in the belly.” This is where vision comes from. This is where the longing to make a difference with your life comes from. And this is where ambition comes from. In recent years in the church, we have been pouring lots of gasoline on the fires of ambition.

At the same time, God hardwired us with a need to be humble and dependent on him. This is more about being than doing, and more about abiding than accomplishing.

A healthy soul keeps us both energized and glued together. It seems to me that we are reaping the results of a generation in the church that has been too much about ambition. And the outcome has been a spike in leaders who are coming “unglued.” I have a growing conviction that it is dangerous to equip young leaders with vision, leadership, strategy, and church growth principles without equipping them to have healthy souls.

Article written by Lance Witt and taken from Healthy reminder to keep my soul in check and a good reference when I re-read this post in a couple of months – or years – time! Read the rest of his article here.

Another week goes by


So far, it’s been a terribly busy week. In my office, that is. T-shirt project-wise, Laine has been doing all the running around. No point repeating it all here. It’s pretty boring stuff.

Test print

'Snake' by eeshaun, Singapore.

'Snake' by eeshaun, Singapore.

So Laine brought back the test prints and they’re looking good. Well, not in the above photograph due to the poor indoors lighting. But I’m quite pleased with the results – can’t go wrong with this one actually, it’s just black and red on white. This design will go only on baby tees – don’t think guys will want to wear it. The others need some adjustment. Will show you a couple more later – probably when I get a good camera or convince somebody to lend me one!